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We offer white water rafting, village camping tours & transfers to the Kuzalunga Botswana border, Livingstone, Zambia, Hwange National Parks & Victoria Falls Airport.

white water rafting zimbabwe

White water rafting trips

Try Rafting Vic Falls is a travel agency that arranges trips to Zimbabwe primarily for white water rafting down the Zambezi around Victoria Falls. Our rafting trips are fun, adventurous and exciting. Speak to us today for more details. 

White water rapids Zambezi

Take a break from work with an adventurous rafting trip organised by Pioneering Spirits and Adventures of Africa. Our rafting trips are affordable and thrilling.

Enjoy the beauty of Zimbabwe

White water rapids Zambezi

We also offer a wide range of travel packages to choose from. Get in touch with our staff now to find out more about our services.

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Enjoy the beautiful wildlife and scenery

Zimbabwe is the land of the Victoria Falls, beautiful rivers, abundant wildlife, and stunning scenery. If you are planning a thrilling holiday of adventure amidst the beauty of nature, Zimbabwe is the place to go. At Try Rafting Vic Falls, we organise trips to this awe-inspiring and beautiful country. Call us now. You can rely on us to offer safaris, game drives, bungee jumping, canoeing and more.

Here's what we offer:

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White water rafting


Multi day rafting


Over night camping


Village tours

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